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What is NPC?

Nerdcore? Check. Partying? Check. Convention? Check.

Ever wanted to watch and listen to your favorite bands while partying and enjoying music with them? Well you can do that at NPC NASHVILLE 2019. That’s the experience we’re providing and we can’t wait to throw down with you!

In simpler terms NPC is a concert showcase and party of all your favorite Nerdcore musicians. Attendance will be limited at 100 as well, so you’ll get plenty of facetime with your favorite YouTube personalities!

Who Will Be There?

Who’s not gonna be there is the question! Take a deep breath, Here are all the attendees: JT Music, Rockit Gaming, Nerdout, Dan Bull, Neebs Gaming, Fabvl, Divide, DaddyPhatSnaps, GameboyJones, Bonecage, Zach Boucher, VGRB, NonelikeJoshua, Rustage, Stupendium, DAGames, CG5 and CK9C!



Tickets… Tell Me About Those!

This is a deal you can’t beat. We’re not making a dime off of this. We just want to party and hang out with you. So get your butts out here! Tickets are ultra affordable and the value is unprecedented. Remember, We’re ONLY selling 100.


Price $60
What you get:
Admission to the event
Meet and Greets
Open Bar
Loot: Draw string bag, t-shirt, 8x10 signed poster
Invitation to after party in Downtown Nashville


Is it for all ages?

Yes and No

It’s a party that is by design for 18+ but we won’t exclude anyone from being able to attend. Attendees 17 and below must be accompanied by a parent. Parent must buy ticket as well because space is limited.

Disclaimer: this is a party. Beer, hard ciders and seltzers will be there for consumption. The talent will partake in partying. We will stay classy and professional (as much as this setting permits), but this stands as our fair warning to cautious parents.

Parking – What’s the sitch?

We HIGHLY recommend ride sharing to and from the venue so you can enjoy the night worry free! Street side parking will be available.

Will there be food and drink?

Well yeah, it’s a party! Drinks will be available at the open bar! Soft drinks and water will be available as well included in the ticket price. A food truck will be available for you to purchase food as well!

When and where is the event?

The event is 6pm-9pm August 3rd in Nashville, TN. Specifically it’ll be at White Avenue Studio. We chose a super chic and intimate venue so we can hang out and get to know you! The address is 2517 White Ave, Nashville, TN 37204.
The after party location will be announced at the venue!

Refunds – Can it happen?

No. Unfortunately tickets are non-refundable. As space is limited, make sure you don’t waste a spot by not attending after purchasing a ticket.

Got A Question?

See You August 3rd!