Cami-Cat is a fun-loving singer/songwriter who has found her passion in recreating stories from tabletop campaigns using her bardic talents. From ballads and rock songs to orchestral epics and the ever-entertaining bar songs, she has dabbled in a plethora of pieces to tell the epic tales that she’s come across and relays them all on her YouTube channel.

Cami’s own journey on YouTube was not always directed at music. She originally started her channel in the year 2010 as a canvas for her artwork and animation. She used the platform simply to show her work to friends amidst the chaotic balance of her life. Her content diverted as she grew older: from artwork to song covers, to lyrical adaptations of music from popular video games such as Undertale, to eventually creating songs of her own. No matter the change, her videos always revolved around the same passion for telling stories and pulling at her viewer’s heartstrings. Now that she’s pulling the heartstrings of hundreds of thousands of subscribers, she has no plans of slowing down!


Cami-Cat will be performing exclusively at the VIP Party!

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