Dallin Heward (DHeusta) is a 26 year old producer, singer/songwriter from Mesa, Arizona. Playing piano at a very young age, his Mom taught him the basics and from then on he couldn’t stop playing with anything that made music, which led him to getting the well known software Ableton Live at the age of 10.

Being raised on A Capella, barbershop quartets, and 70’s & 80’s music, he produces and writes from a perspective grounded in the retro age. With nearly 350,000 subscribers on Youtube and over 750,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone, Dallin’s creative music taste has led him to writing unique songs that continue to reach millions of people around the world. His song “Ultimate Fright” jumpstarted his career in the nerdcore community, and the virality of “Angry Alex” helped introduce him to the TikTok community. With his recent viral hit “Grimace” produced and written alongside CG5, YouTube shorts introduced him to another platform in reaching a wider audience.

With his personality and love for music, he’s worked with other YouTubers like Dawko, DAGames, Rockit Music and Divide Music to share with the community the love he has for music and the nerdcore community.

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