Zach B

Zach Boucher aka “Zach B” is a nerdcore artist hailing from Ontario, Canada. Zach B started making YouTube videos in late 2007 with skit videos with friends slowly transitioning into making video game “machinima’s” and lets plays and montages. It wasn’t until 2015 that Zach B found his niche with making parody songs for Minecraft, which naturally evolved into original gaming songs.

Zach B’s first big hit was the “Ultimate Smash Bros Rap” back in 2015 featuring multiple artists rapping as various Smash Bros characters. From there the momentum kept going as he hit 100k subscribers by the end of 2017. Creating music, working with, and becoming friends with others in the nerdcore space was also delivering personal and career highlights year after year. What once had felt like a pipe dream was now a goal accomplished. In 2019, Zach B performed live for the very first time at NPC 2019 Nashville. Hitting these milestones, working with peers who were looked up to, and getting on stage for the first time brought newfound confidence to Zach B.

Today, Zach B continues with nerdcore music spanning from video games to anime. The goal always remains the same: to continue making music that he loves and to grow as a musician. Check out some of Zach B’s hits: “Headshot”“I Know” and “Darkness”.

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