NERDCORE PROfile: Bonecage

Bonecage is a dude named Jeff making songs alone in his messy office. 20 years ago, he started as a guitarist in a punk band. After college, he went solo and fell headfirst into 80s music. Drowning in budget synths and a compulsion to be a weirdo, he’s been cranking out hard-to-explain songs ever since. Some are about games, some are about cheese horses, some are about Vin Diesel. Some are also not about those three things.

Bonecage is swimming the waters of YouTube, making songs and video as often as possible. He is very much like an injured whale or some type of sea mollusk. Bonecage is bad at sea metaphors. A great set of songs to get to know Bonecage are the Cheese Horse, Song About Birds and Captain of Industry!

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