Nerdcore Profile: Neebs Gaming

Neebs Gaming is a 5 man group with a supporting group of editors and contractors rounding out their YouTube channel. The five on-screen talent are Brent (Neebs), Tony (Thick44), Jon (Appsro), Nate (Doraleous) and Bryan (Simon). As a channel with over 2 million subs, they focus primarily on cinematic gameplay videos, animated series and music based on the games.

The Neebs Gaming team hail from Wilmington, North Carolina and have collabed with many in the Nerdcore scene, including mulitple songs with JT Music. Tony is the primary muso who creates the tracks, vocals and accompanying videos for the channel. They are currently focused on a new season of their hit animation Battlefield Friends, their 7 Days to Die gameplay series, as well as hosting their next Live Event – Neebs Gaming Live.

Want to hear some of Neebs Gaming’s originals and covers? Check out Survivor Evolved, Take Me home, Country Roads, 7 Days to Die, and Jeep Stuff!

Survivor Evolved link:

Take Me Home, Country Roads link:

7 Days to Die link:

Jeep Stuff link:

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