Who’s Coming to NPC 2023?

Get ready for an unforgettable experience at NPC 2023 in Raleigh, North Carolina! This year’s lineup features an incredible array of talented artists, showcasing the best in gaming-inspired music, nerdcore, and more. Don’t miss the chance to witness these electrifying performances live on stage!

JT Music: Known for their video game-inspired rap and hip-hop tracks, JT Music has gained a loyal following with their catchy tunes and witty lyricism.

Rockit Music: A dynamic group producing energetic rock music with a nerdy twist, Rockit Music’s live performances never fail to entertain and excite the audience.

Chi-Chi: A talented singer and voice actress, Chi-Chi has made a name for herself within the gaming and animation communities. With her passion for music and her ability to bring characters to life, Chi-Chi’s performances are sure to leave a lasting impression.

NerdOut: This talented ensemble creates memorable music inspired by pop culture, video games, and movies, showcasing their unique blend of creativity and passion.

Daddyphatsnaps: With his powerful lyrics and hard-hitting beats, Daddyphatsnaps has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of nerdcore hip-hop.

GameboyJones: GameboyJones, fuses his passion for gaming, anime and pop culture into captivating rap performances and engaging music.

Zach B: Known for his introspective lyrics and emotional performances, Zach B brings depth and vulnerability to the nerdcore scene.

Cam Steady: A versatile artist who effortlessly pumps out a wide range of music. Cam Steady’s infectious energy shines through in every performance.

Rustage: A star in the world of anime-inspired rap, Rustage’s fast-paced lyrics and impressive flow have earned him a dedicated fanbase.

The Stupendium: With their clever wordplay and theatrical style, The Stupendium crafts intricate, story-driven songs that captivate and entertain.

DAGames: A powerhouse of video game-inspired metal and rock music, DAGames delivers intense, head-banging performances that leave audiences wanting more.

CK9C: Fusing electronic dance music with pop culture references, CK9C creates catchy, danceable tunes that are impossible to resist.

CG5: Known for his infectious melodies and top-notch production, CG5’s tracks blend elements of pop, electronic, and indie music to create a unique sound.

Shwabadi: A gifted rapper and lyricist, Shwabadi’s anime and gaming-inspired tracks showcase his exceptional storytelling skills and captivating flow.

Cami-Cat: With her angelic voice and heartfelt performances, Cami-Cat adds a touch of emotional depth to the world of nerdcore music with DnD-themed songs.

Shao Dow: A master of blending hip-hop, grime, and martial arts-inspired themes, Shao Dow delivers energetic performances that demonstrate his passion and skill.

Pe$o Pete: Combining catchy hooks, smooth flows, and clever lyrics, Pe$o Pete is a rising talent in the world of nerdcore rap.

DHeusta: A talented producer and vocalist, DHeusta’s tracks showcase his versatility in creating music that ranges from haunting ballads to upbeat electronic tunes.

Silva Hound: A skilled DJ and producer, Silva Hound’s high-energy electronic dance music sets are guaranteed to get the crowd moving.

OR3O: Known for her soulful voice and captivating presence, OR3O is a rising star in the world of gaming and nerdcore music. In addition to her singing talents, OR3O is also a skilled producer and instrumentalist, adding depth and nuance to her music.

ChewieCatt: ChewieCatt is a versatile artist with a passion for gaming, pop culture, and music. His unique sound is a blend of pop, rock, and electronic influences, creating an energetic atmosphere that captivates audiences.

MegaRan: A legend in the nerdcore community, MegaRan’s fusion of hip-hop and chiptune music has earned him a dedicated following. His lyricism, combined with nostalgic video game beats, creates a one-of-a-kind sound that resonates with fans across generations.


Join us at NPC 2023 in Raleigh, North Carolina, and immerse yourself in a world of incredible music, unforgettable performances, and unparalleled passion for all things nerdy! GET YOUR TICKETS HERE TODAY!

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