Nerdcore Profile: GameboyJones

GameboyJones (also known as Austin IRL) is a man that has a love for rap music and all things geeky, especially anime! Gameboy got his start in music when his friends realized he had the ability to freestyle and pushed him to try rapping. He first started entering rap contests where he did very well and won a few in a very short amount of time. After a while, he shifted his focus to making cover songs but with his own twist (Such as “Save Dat Money”). He would take whatever song he covered and make a wide array of geeky references.  This led to a few early viral Facebook videos that would convince him to keep pursuing music.

GameboyJones would later be known as the creator of the song Uraraka! On TikTok the song went viral and would serve as an anthem for the character and My Hero Academia fans alike. However, this song is older and not reflective of Gameboys music today but still serves as a sign of how far he has come!

Now after making a sound and style for himself GameboyJones now makes songs inspired by anime instead of staying very close to the source material. You can find him on YouTube, Spotify, and other streaming platforms. If you really want to get a feeling of who GameboyJones is you should check out “Really My Type”, “Tengen Uzui” & ”Heat Up Freeze Up”

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