Keeping things chaotic as ever, [CK9C] ChaoticCanineCulture brings you the darker side of nerdcore songs. Led by artist Jorge Aguilar II, otherwise known as CK9C, this channel explores the more spooky side of the sonic spectrum with popular songs often featuring the vocal talent of his sister, Elizabeth Ann.


DizzyEight is a Christian Artist from Prairieville, Louisiana. He started rapping at the age of 9, and have been producing music since the age of 11. DizzyEight started gaining traction over social media after dropping his first big record “I’m Not Okay”. Since then he has been making waves on YouTube featuring on multiple big internet cyphers.

Cam Steady

Cam Steady is a Los Angeles rapper who fuses the characters and themes of pop culture with new age hip hop. His infectiously aggressive delivery and production style perfectly embody a chaotic final boss battle.

Rockit Music

Rockit Gaming began as a YouTube channel in 2015 with lead writer/producer, Russell McKamey. Knowing Nerdcore was an upcoming genre, Rockit had a plan to bring the underground genre to the mainstream. After moving to Austin, TX he realized how massive the brand could be and asked close friend Vince Newsom to join the team. 

Shao Dow

Known to rap in both English and Japanese, Shao is hard to define as just a regular artist. He constantly blurs the lines between anime, gaming, martial arts, and his own music and has worked with icons such as Sean Schemmel (the voice actor for Goku – Dragon Ball Z) and featured on the first single from Tech N9ne’s Asin9ne album.

MC Frontalot

MC Frontalot (née Damian Hess) is the original mastermind of Nerdcore Hip-Hop and still its Final Boss.


Cami-Cat is a fun-loving singer/songwriter who has found her passion in recreating stories from tabletop campaigns using her bardic talents. From ballads and rock songs to orchestral epics and the ever-entertaining bar songs, she has dabbled in a plethora of pieces to tell the epic tales that she’s come across and relays them all on her YouTube channel.


Chi-chi has been around the internet music block for almost a decade, working with a number of artists, including some of the ones at NPC such as games, CG5, Stupendium and more! Everything from anime, Vocaloid, and cartoons, if it’s nerdy, she’s sung about it!


Rustage is a British Anime/Nerdcore Rapper & Producer. Rustage releases a rap every week about a wide variety of different anime, including but not limited to, Naruto, My Hero Academia, DBZ & Seven Deadly Sins.


ChewieCatt is a 27-year-old singer/songwriter, rapper, and content creator (and school counselor) from Raleigh, North Carolina.

The Stupendium

UK based creator Greg ‘The Stupendium’ Holgate has been making video online for almost as long as online video has been around, making all sort of things from comedy to Lets-Play’s for an audience of literally tens of people.

The Living Tombstone

The Living Tombstone has been called “the internet’s biggest gaming band” by NME, with over 40 billion cross-platform streams. Formed by Yoav Landau in 2011 and joined by Sam Haft in 2017, TLT’s work has gone on to be in major motion pictures and games, and earn RIAA Platinum status.

Zach B

Zach Boucher aka “Zach B” is a nerdcore artist hailing from Ontario, Canada. Zach B started making YouTube videos in late 2007 with skit videos with friends slowly transitioning into making video game machinimas and lets plays and montages. It wasn’t until 2015 that Zach B found his niche with making parody songs for Minecraft, which naturally evolved into original gaming songs.


McGwire is a Singer/songwriter from Central Va. Inspired by pop music at the time, McGwire sought to take this fresh sound and bring it into the nerdcore space.


GameboyJones (also known as Austin IRL) is a man that has a love for rap music and all things geeky, especially anime!


Shwabadi is a British rapper focused on high-energy and catchy hooks designed to get crowds moving. Shwabadi is known for his unique tone, aggressive vocals, bouncy beats, and clever wordplay.


The8thHawk, NemRaps, and Ben Schuller were all established personalities on YouTube in their own right before forming NerdOut as a collaborative channel in late 2015. Taking cues from modern rock, rap, and comedy and infusing it with references to all things nerd culture, the group quickly shot up the ranks of the site’s crowded gaming creator base.


Leon, aka Daddyphatsnaps, is a rapper and audio engineer creating music for the “Nerdcore” genre primarily but dabbles in a bit of everything as well.


DAGames is the brainchild of Will Ryan, a British Youtuber, animator, and musician. He has surrounded himself with exceptionally talented people to round out the powerhouse team.

Ham Sandwich

It's no suprise why Ham Sandwich is one of the fastest growing acts in the nerdcore hip hop scene -- whether it be his extensive vocabulary, effortless wit, off the wall production, or "cultured taste," Ham has enchanted fans from all walks of life, keeping both listeners and peers on their toes.

Silva Hound

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, EDM artist and super-producer Silva Hound specializes in making music directly inspired by the latest and greatest in anime, video games, and animation.

Mega Ran

With more than a decade of professional video game-inspired music-making behind him, Teacher/Rapper/Hero Mega Ran continues to innovate and elevate.

JT Music

JT Music is a two man group with a colorful cast of subcontractors rounding out their team. The two primary members are John (aka Pat) and Christian (aka Skull), who grew up across the street from each other in southern Maine.

Connor Quest!

Hailing from the Midlands of England, Connor Quest is an anime rapper and musician known for his whip-sharp lyrics and electric stage presence.


Dallin Heward (DHeusta) is a 26 year old producer, singer/songwriter from Mesa, Arizona. Playing piano at a very young age, his Mom taught him the basics and from then on he couldn't stop playing with anything that made music.

Breeton Boi

Known for bringing anything from fun bouncy vibes about your favourite waifu to hard hitting aggressive hype mixed with wacky punchlines full of anime references, Breeton Boi brings a multitude of styles to get any anime fan out of their seat.