JT Music

JT Music is a two man group with a colorful cast of subcontractors rounding out their team. The two primary members are John (aka Pat) and Christian (aka Skull), who grew up across the street from each other in southern Maine. They started JT Music accidentally when they created their first music video “The Greatest Ever” and posted it online to share with friends and family.

48 hours later, JT Music had its first viral video on its hands. And as they say, “the rest is history.” Since then, JT Music has made music for all sorts of games, from Call of Duty to Minecraft to Bioshock and more!

Currently, JT Music is still at it making bi-weekly video game music videos. New ventures on the horizon have the team excited as they look to produce more live-action music videos, host NPC, and flesh out their brand.

A great set of songs to get to know JT Music are the Bioshock RapCuphead Rap and DOOM Rap!

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