Nerdcore Profile: Rockit Gaming

Rockit Gaming began as a YouTube channel in 2015 with lead writer/producer, Russell McKamey. Knowing Nerdcore was an upcoming genre, Rockit had a plan to bring the underground genre to the mainstream. After moving to Austin, TX he realized how massive the brand could be and asked close friend Vince Newsom to join the team. 

Soon after they duo created monikers Rockit and Vinny Noose launching their brand with the idea of bringing Nerdcore to the mainstream. The duo concentrates on catchy hooks, great melodies, and commercial production. They’ve since gained a following of over 300k YouTube subscribers, 200k monthly listeners on Spotify, and co-founded Nerdcore Party Convention with Skull and Pat of JT Music.

A great set of songs to get to know Rockit Gaming are the Sombra Song “Fuego (I’m On Fire)”, “Meantime”, and “Fatalities“.

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