NPC Day 1 Food Situation!


Posted On May 23, 2022

What we Recommend for Day 1!

When you roll out to the NPC Meet and Greet on Day 1 of the event, we recommend you check out the following food places nearby (literally next door or across the street from Emporium)! Munch down on some great Chicago eats before, during, or after your meet and greet session!

Antique Taco
1360 N Milwaukee Ave

TACOS. SO MANY TACOS. We don’t need to say much else.

The menu features a plethora of taco options, and includes a great 10-pack mix-and-match options so you can try one of everything!

Start drooling now and check out the menu.

Harold’s Chicken Shack
1361 N Milwaukee Ave

Harold’s Chicken Shack is a Chicago staple.

They have multiple chicken and fish options, and a popular 12-piece shrimp bucket special.

Cheesie’s Pub & Grub Wicker Park
1365 N Milwaukee Ave

We like that basic chili and grilled cheese. Check out Cheesies.

Info and details on Day 2 dining coming soon!

Written by John

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