So…What is Nerdcore?

Nerdcore is by definition music about geek culture and fandom around nerdy things…or at least that’s how we see it defined. That’s what is great about it, it can be defined in many ways from geeky music about Final Fantasy featuring chip tunes all the way to a pop song about My Hero Academia

MC Frontalot is credited for coining the term nerdcore and being one of the first Nerdcore artists. A wide breadth of artists from the 2000s helped pave the way and demonstrate that nerdcore was a viable niche in music people wanted to hear.

The advent of YouTube and its emergence in the late oughts and early teens set the stage for nerdcore music to hit a broad audience. A good chunk of the groups that started making nerdcore music did it parallel, which is to say a lot of them weren’t aware of what nerdcore was. 

Fast forward to today and you have all different sizes, shapes, and colors of nerdcore. Live shows are regularly toured by some artists, others make regular appearances at conventions and others stick to producing regular content on YouTube. Whatever form of music, one thing is constant; a love for music and a love for all things nerdy.

Join us at NPC 2022 Chicago and share with us your love of Nerdcore music and while you’re at it, let us know what nerdcore music is to you!

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