Nerdcore Profile: The Stupendium

Posted On March 30, 2020

What do you get if you mix games, video, animation, hip hop, a big dollop of musical theatre and a magnificent pair of sideburns?

You might end up with a terrible mess but you’ll definitely end up with The Stupendium. London based creator Greg ‘The Stupendium’ Holgate has been making video online for almost as long as online video has been around, making all sort of things from comedy to Lets-Play’s for an audience of literally tens of people. That was until in 2017 he decided to try rolling all of his loves up into one project. September 2017 saw the release of ‘Find the Keys’, an animated rap/musical about the video game ‘Bendy and the Ink Machine’. And people seemed to like it! So began the descent into stupendous stupidity that has seen The Stupendium establish himself as a niche within a niche. An absolute powerhouse of infrequent and algorithmically ill-advised, hard to market video productions with a penchant for desks.

The Stupendium is incredibly excited to bring his brand of odd, character driven music back to NPC this year. Along with his wonderful facial hair and great sense of discomfort describing himself in the third person.

Some great videos to get to know The Stupendium include ‘Art of Darkness’, ‘Vault Number 76’ and ‘The Fine Print’!

Written by John

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