Top Ways to Prepare for NPC Chicago: What to Expect

This will be your survival guide to NPC 2022 Chicago. Or less dramatically, a heads up of how the events will go down and allow you to anticipate the weekend more clearly.

First off, the basics of the event. It’s two days in Chicago…a Friday and a Saturday. Friday will be the meet and greet celebration at Emporium at Wicker Park. Saturday will be the concert at Lincoln Hall. Now that we have that laid out, let’s dive into each day and we’ll give you some insight on what to expect and how to best navigate the weekend.

Day 1 – Meet and Greet Celebration

Emporium at Wicker Park

The meet and greet at Emporium will open in two sessions. The VIP session will be 12:30 – 3:00 PM and the General Admission session will be 3:30 – 6:30 PM. Day 1 will be the time that you register and collect your badge and swag bag. Once you get inside, register, and collect your badge the space is yours to hang out with whoever you want! Nerdcore artists will be hanging about and will be excited to meet you, game with you, and have an overall good time.

The best way to win this event is to get there at your respective doors open time. Get in, collect your stuff and hang out. This event is really straightforward and will allow you to speak to, get autographs, meet community members and build up that excitement for the concert the next day! Don’t be shy, everyone is super friendly and appreciates you being there. I can’t stress it enough, we want to engage and speak with you! If you’re too shy…you know what? Challenge someone to an arcade game. There’s no better way to break the ice than that.

Day 2 – Concert

Lincoln Hall

The concert night is going to be like no other Nerdcore event out there, it’ll be a fast-paced medley of all the best Nerdcore music you’ll find on YouTube. And we’ll be right there with you enjoying it by your side!

Doors open at 4:00 PM at Lincoln Hall for general admission. Most if not all of you should have already registered the day before, so you’ll be able to walk right in by presenting your badge. If you missed the first day for some reason, you will be able to register and get your badge on the concert day. The concert will start at 5pm and go to 7pm, when we’ll have a 20-minute intermission. After that, the show will resume until 9pm.

VIP will again get early access and will be able to enter the venue at 3:00 PM. What’s special about this is that soundcheck will still be happening. So you’ll be able to see the artists prep and get a little show before the show.

Let’s touch on what Lincoln Hall has to offer you: The venue has three bars, a kitchen, bathroom, merch booth, photo booth, two floors to view the show (for both VIP and General Admission). [Note: the venue is fully handicap accessible as well.] The VIP pass holders will get access to the right-wing of the second floor and the front section of the concert floor area. Where this gets interesting is that that is where the Nerdcore artists will be hanging out too. So during the show, with a VIP pass, you can hang out and watch the show with all the Nerdcore artists.

The best way to win Day 2 of the event, is to get in early and find your spot. If you’re in VIP you don’t have to be as proactive, as you’ll get a lot of the excitement of the show from the two different VIP areas of the show. Obviously, though, space will fill up if you vacate it. 

We will release a playlist of all the artist’s songs that will be performed (plus other songs so we don’t give the setlist completely away) and that will be a great way to know what’s coming and to familiarize yourself with the songs and artists that are new to you.

Now you hopefully have a better idea of how things will go down operationally! Of course, all this information can be found on your tickets, follow-up email, and in the FAQ. If your question still remains after all that, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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