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Posted On March 6, 2020

The relationship between content creator and audience is something that can be uniquely fostered to in this new age of media with YouTube, TikTok, and streaming. You can send a tweet to someone you follow and they’ll respond, you can super chat and have the streamer acknowledge you or you can have your comment hearted by your favorite YouTube channel. These are all unique touchpoints only made possible by social media for content creators and consumers.

But what about face-to-face? We’re on a platform that allows for unprecedented fan interaction, but the human touch is missing. The human element of hanging out, shaking hands, high fives, and talking is not entirely possible through online means. That’s where NPC comes in and bridges the gap between the internet and the face-to-face relationship. That’s Nerdcore Party Con.

It’s a weekend that celebrates not only the music the fans love but the fans and community themselves. For NPC 2022 Chicago we’re dividing the festivities into two days. The first day is a meet and greet hang out to get to know our fans, take pictures, answer questions and just forge new friendships. The second day will be the concert that celebrates the music and all our nerdy vices.

No matter how much we can interact with the community online, nothing can top the face-to-face interaction. So that’s what NPC provides and does so in a very concise way for fans of Nerdcore music on YouTube. Instead of having to go to Gamescom to meet Dan Bull, RTX to meet JT Music, and then PAX South to meet Rockit Gaming, you now have one spot to meet all of them and more.

NPC 2022 Chicago is shaping up to deliver that in so many ways and we cannot wait to meet you and enjoy some awesome, nerdy music. If you haven’t yet, check out our ticket pricing and book your weekend in August right now!

Written by John

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