Nerdcore Profile: Cam Steady

Cam Steady is a Los Angeles rapper who fuses the characters and themes of pop culture with new age hip hop. His infectiously aggressive delivery and production style perfectly embody a chaotic final boss battle. Steady became an overnight success back in 2012 with the creation of the series “VideoGameRapBattles,” pitting pop culture icons against […]

Top Ways to Prepare for NPC Chicago: What to Expect

This will be your survival guide to NPC 2022 Chicago. Or less dramatically, a heads up of how the events will go down and allow you to anticipate the weekend more clearly. First off, the basics of the event. It’s two days in Chicago…a Friday and a Saturday. Friday will be the meet and greet […]

Nerdcore Profile: Chi-Chi

Chi-chi is living proof that big things come in small packages. Born in Rockville Maryland, she began her internet-musician journey in high school after moving to Portland Oregon. Chi-chi has been around the internet music block for almost a decade, working with a number of artists, including some of the ones at NPC such as […]

Nerdcore Profile: The Stupendium

What do you get if you mix games, video, animation, hip hop, a big dollop of musical theatre and a magnificent pair of sideburns? You might end up with a terrible mess but you’ll definitely end up with The Stupendium. London based creator Greg ‘The Stupendium’ Holgate has been making video online for almost as […]

Nerdcore Profile: GameboyJones

GameboyJones (also known as Austin IRL) is a man that has a love for rap music and all things geeky, especially anime! Gameboy got his start in music when his friends realized he had the ability to freestyle and pushed him to try rapping. He first started entering rap contests where he did very well […]

Top 5 Things to do when You’re in Chicago!

Batman Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight series turned Chicago into Gotham City. It took me driving through the city under a tunnel at night to recall that. I looked out the windshield and was hit with an overwhelming sense of, “I’ve seen this.” The locals who were showing me around were quick to remind me that […]

Nerdcore Profile: Divide Music

Divide Music (Aka Alex) is a one man band creating Rock/Pop and even Metal songs inspired by video games, movies and anime. Alex had started his channel in late 2017 going on to cultivate 50,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 80k total monthly listeners on streaming services.  Currently Alex is posting a new song each […]

Nerdcore Profile: Rustage

Rustage is a British Anime/Nerdcore Rapper & Producer. Rustage releases a rap every week about a wide variety of different anime, including but not limited to, Naruto, My Hero Academia, DBZ & Seven Deadly Sins. He has garnered over 400,000 subscribers on his YouTube and is one of the leading faces in the anime rap […]

Nerdcore Profile: Nerdout

The8thHawk, NemRaps, and Ben Schuller were all established personalities on YouTube in their own right before forming NerdOut as a collaborative channel in late 2015. Taking cues from modern rock, rap, and comedy and infusing it with references to all things nerd culture, the group quickly shot up the ranks of the site’s crowded gaming […]

Nerdcore profile: Or3o

OR3O is a youtube creator that is not your typical cookie. For the past year, she has made nerdcore songs such as “All eyes on me”, “Doki Doki Forever”, “Meow (にゃー)” and proudly “broKi BrOkI fOreVEr”. She has also been noticed by senpais and contributed to other songs such as “Basics in Behavior” by The […]